Thursday, 21 January 2021


Hi, To all my fellow card makers, crafters, customers, demonstrators, and total beginners welcome to my blog. I hope you are all well and keeping safe. 

I am reposting this blog post due to a request from my social media groups.

Are you tired of taking pictures of your beautifully made cards or crafting projects, with all that chaos in the background and terrible lighting? I believe I have a solution! A lightbox or light tent! No more bad lighting, no more clutter in the background or trying to reorganise the craft room. Making your own lightbox is simple and easy.

You will need
1 box( big enough for crafting projects)
3 sheets of Vellum(tracing paper, baking sheets)
Tom bow glue
Craft knife
Thick marker pen
2x sheets of A3 white card (A1 card or thick white sheet of paper)
Cutting Mat
Wide tape

Take a box big enough for your crating projects. I used vellum as a template for the top of the box to draw around the box's top. Do same for 2 sides of the box. Dia 1

Cut out the top, sides and the flaps leaving the back and bottom including the box's flap attached. Dia 2

Replace the 2 sides and the top of the box with the vellum. (The vellum should be cut to least approx 1/2inch bigger all the way round to fit the holes created ) using glue or tape adhere the vellum into place.
Dia 3

To make what they call the runaway, you tape together 2 x A3 white card which I cut down to fit the box. You can use A1 card or thick white sheet paper. Dia 4

This lightbox is ready to be placed near a light source, such as a window, outside, daylight lamp or flashlight. 

Perfect for your crafting projects.

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  1. Thank you Elaine for the detailed and step by step information I will try this out

  2. The light box looks great Elaine. Thanks for the wonderful instructions.

  3. What a great idea - thank you for sharing.


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Hi, To all my fellow cardmakers, crafters, customers, scrapbookers, demonstrators, and total beginners. Welcome to my blog. So great offers ...